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Welcome to Stratford House Dental Practice your local dentist in Wolverton and Milton Keynes!

Nothing is more beautiful than a healthy smile, it looks great to those around you and makes you feel good. We aim to put the smile back on your face by offering preventative and restorative treatments.

A Range of Treatments

We offer a range of preventative and restorative treatments to put the smile back on your face when pain strikes, as well as providing cosmetic dentistry to give you the confidence you deserve.

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At Prices You Can Afford

We offer highly affordable NHS dental services, as well as a range of private dentistry with a number of finance options, including the Code dental payment plan and Medenta dental finance.

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From A Trusted Practice

We are proud to be members of the BDA Good Practice Scheme and our practice is regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission. Our latest CQC Report can be viewed on the CQC website.

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An Extensive Range Of Treatments

  • Preventative Care
    Preventative Care

    Regular dental check-ups are the only way to ensure optimum dental health and prevent major dental problems from developing.

  • Cavity Treatment
    Cavity Treatment

    A range of restorative treatments to deal with tooth decay, including fillings and root canals, to help to restore your dental health.

  • Hygiene Services
    Hygiene Services

    Regular professional dental cleaning will help to keep your mouth healthy, improve appearance and give you fresh breath and confidence.

  • Periodontal Treatment
    Periodontal Treatment

    Treatment to help cure gum disease, including scaling of the roots and advanced surgical deep cleaning around the infected tissues.

  • Crowns & Veneers
    Crowns & Veneers

    We offer solutions to improve the appearance of your smile using Veneers or Crowns, using the latest techniques and materials.

  • Dental Implants
    Dental Implants

    Treatment to replace a tooth, lost through an accident or due to severe dental decay, using a titanium rod attached to a false tooth.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Dental procedures with the aim of improving the overall aesthetics of your smile including braces, whitening and polishing.

  • Bridges and Dentures
    Bridges and Dentures

    Replacing lost or missing teeth is vital to a healthy jaw. A bridge or denture replaces the natural teeth and helps provide support.

  • Putting Back Your Smile

    We offer a comprehensive range of treatments to keep your smile healthy and pain free in a patient-focused, relaxed and friendly environment, using up to date techniques.

    If you have neglected your teeth up until now, we will not pass judgement, but will help restore your oral health back to how nature intended.

  • A Choice Of Treatment

    We provide an extensive range of both general dentistry and more specialised cosmetic dentistry, available within the NHS and via a range of private treatment schemes.

    So if you just want to keep your teeth in good health, or would like to enhance your smile, we can help achieve your goals in your budget.

  • Services You Can Trust

    We are members of the BDA Good Practice scheme, a quality assurance programme backed by the BDA, the national dental authority.

    By becoming members of the scheme, we must demonstrate a visible commitment to providing high quality dental care, to a set of nationally recognised standards.

Begin your journey to better dental health today!
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